Total Loss Reporting

AR Direct is a Total Loss Claims Solution Provider, that provides "Comprehensive Total Loss Evaluation Reports" to our partners. We help insurance carriers and collision repairers maximize profits and eliminate the pain points from everything related to dealing with a total loss from settling a claim to selling the vehicle.

We are an ideal partner for any company that is looking to take their success to the next level. Contributing new and innovative solutions to the automotive industry to help our partners grow.

Using historical sales data, prices from competitors and our live market pricing we are able to best assist our clients with total loss settlements. With the help of our salvage auction algorithm, which sends out your salvage data with all private information secured, our total loss settlement report also contains:

  • Actual salvage offers from local recyclers, etc. from AR Direct's auction platform

  • Vehicle lien report

  • Title history report

  • NADA value report

  • CCC Valuation, Copart Pro-Quote, and IAA Salvage Bid for comparative analysis

  • Original OEM manufacturer window sticker

  • Report that settles all state, local and county taxes

Below is our sample total loss settlement report with a CCC Valuation report attached. This report contains every single piece of information needed to settle a loss accurately the first time. Our reporting exposes what the entire market will bear before you make a choice to send it to an auction partner.

*Please note that AR Direct’s Total Loss Settlement Report is fully customizable.

Pg 1 of Sample TL Report