• 3 Tips for Independent Appraisers Working in a Flood

    by Admin ARDirect | Aug 31, 2017

    Floods can be catastrophic and costly and being an independent appraiser after a natural disaster can be overwhelming when there are thousands of damaged vehicles. To ensure you are prepared, check out our 3 big tips for working a flood as an appraiser.

    Bring supplies.

    Latex gloves/work gloves, dust masks, rain suits, water boots, hand sanitizer, eye protection, first aid kits, and mosquito/bug spray with DEET are just some of supplies needed when working in flooded areas. Be sure to also bring an adequate supply of food, water, portable chargers for electronic devices, and a mobile hotspot.

    Visit your doctor.

    Make sure you are up-to-date on your shots to protect yourself from the mold and bacteria in the water, especially your tetanus shot.

    Be alert and use caution.

    Flood waters often contain hazardous waste that create a risk for anyone in contact with them. Any chemical hazards should be handled by the fire department or police. For more information, visit the US Department of Labor’s Flood Cleanup Fact Sheet.

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